We are a non for profit scuba club so require subscriptions from our members to be able to provide the facilities. Our aim is to keep subscriptions as low as [possible and therefore affordable to more people.

Membership consists of 2 parts, Scubadiving Indepth and British Sub Aqua Cub subscriptions, both of which are required to train and dive with us. There are different rates as detailed below.

Scubadiving Indepth

Single diving membership £85 per year

Couples and family £150 per year. Must be at same address, children age limit 18 and in full time education.

Your membership includes the following:-

Pool access on our published pool nights, at least 20 90 minutes session per year.

Loan of scuba kit if not being used by Ocean diver trainees.

Discounted air fills

Organised dive trips and expeditions.

Plus social activities, meals out, brewery trips, sea fishing from the rib, etc.

British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC)

The British Sub Aqua Club is the largest sub aqua club in the world and the governing body for Sub Aqua Diving in the UK. BSAC qualifications are accepted throughout the world and are considered to be some of the best training available.

BSAC is a not for profit organisation and therefore your costs are there to cover the club and branch expenses such as pool hire, insurance and other running costs. a full list of benefits can be found at

There’s more to BSAC than Diving.

Even as a non-diving member you can qualify for Boat handling and Coxswain, Snorkeling, Diver first aid and more.

BSAC has a range of membership categories from £25 per year for juniors and students, £61 for single adult and several rates for couples, families and snorkeling.

Main benefits

Internationally recognised qualifications and training

Third Party Insurance

Discount on travel and kit

Monthly magazine

Organised trips and expeditions

For more information contact